Product Selection
& Testing

Whether you are looking for full end-to-end procurement services or support with individual tasks, we can provide a tailored solution to meet your needs.

A Procurement Services Provider should be a trusted Partner and should be an extension of your current team. Our relationships with specialist manufacturers, suppliers, equipment vendors, subcontractors and service providers allow us to offer the best overall procurement solution.

The use of procurement services providers is rapidly increasing due to global market conditions and the need for businesses to maintain and reduce costs. We will obtain material, equipment, and services with the highest level of quality and the best total cost through open and fair competition. Thorough integration of procurement activities in the overall program management, design, and construction processes allow for seamless delivery of equipment and materials at the specified time.

Open communication with Bidders/Contractors as well as the manufacturers, Quality Assurance, and on the ground team members ensures a consistent and efficient approach to procurement. The key is proactive planning, with a focus on long lead and critical items.

The experience and dedication of our procurement professionals gives your project an advantage. Our team has executed projects across a wide spectrum of size and complexity, providing our clients with the best opportunity for success.

As many of our clients rely on the quality and efficiency of the equipment we procure, to succeed in their operational goals, at MOKOMBOSO UK we carry out a very thorough and careful selection of the equipment manufacturers and suppliers that we engage to support us.

Product samples are supplied / purchased and tested in real life conditions such as those expected in the theatre of operations in which they are supposed to perform. This allows us to evaluate various different items and make an informed recommendation on “best of class” to potential customers.

Our thorough equipment selection process enhances security and decreases risk to the end user by eliminating commercial babble and providing a product which we can vouch “does what it says on the tin”…


In order to maximise the efficiency and effectiveness of risk control, focusing on prevention and taking appropriate measures to cushion an incident’s effects if it should occur, it is important to combine consultancy work (analysis, audits, plans and measures to deal with risks, etc.) with day-to-day risk management, which involves roles and duties related to employees themselves.

Risk consultancy consists of a methodology for detecting, monitoring and dealing with risks that must subsequently be implemented by the company’s staff.

Consultancy is, therefore, the theoretical basis for controlling risk, while risk management could be defined as the implementation of the measures and protocols recommended.

Consultancy and risk management are thus complementary processes and both are necessary for any company to gain control of the variables related to its risks, to define a strategy for preventing and dealing with risks, and to apply it appropriately, correcting and improving it if necessary.