About Mokomboso UK
Training Services

Mokomboso UK is a British owned international security consulting, risk-management and specialised training firm. The expertise within our alliance of companies is unparalleled in the security industry.

Our senior management staff have decades of relevant experience and a high level of expertise in dealing with both corporate and government agencies at the highest level. Additionally, all our instructors and strategic partners have operational experience in all aspects of security training program development, crisis and contingency planning and specialized training as well as extensive operational experience of delivering relevant training packages in high risk and hostile environments.

In retaining the services of Mokomboso UK, clients would gain access to an international consortium of companies and professional individuals with a commitment to delivering high quality, client focused Training support in planning and implementing training program development. We have provided support services to a wide range of NGO, commercial and governmental clients, both domestic and international.

With our broad base of specialized training skills and experience reinforced by strong joint venture partners , we are able to offer the type and level of training that has benefited military and law enforcement specialised teams around the world.

We will develop bespoke training programs that will fit the needs of your security group, whether law enforcement, military or civilian. This highly focused and results oriented approach ensures effective use of manpower in the most dangerous of situations.

Once a training need has been identified, a comprehensive, detailed program will be formulated and presented to the relevant decision-makers. If accepted, the training provided will be realistic and effective.