Over the years MOKOMBOSO personnel have helped secure critical infrastructures from airports to presidential residencies throughout Africa and the MENA region.

Our expert team and specialist suppliers are equipped to fully survey your site, design your security plan, procure and install the appropriate electronic devices and fully train your personnel in their operation and maintenance.

Programs & projects can be run remotely off site and even out of country for security reasons.

We can also design and offer full bespoke solution border control programs that include specialist manpower, logistics, life support and technical on the ground presence to enhance your projects.


In its simplest form, access control involves identifying a user based on their credentials and then authorising the appropriate level of access once they are authenticated. Passwords, pins, security tokens—and even biometric scans—are all credentials commonly used to identify and authenticate a user.

We hold an ample portfolio of both physical and electronic access control systems supplied to us by fully vetted and accredited industry leading manufacturers.

These manufacturers are current suppliers to many government and national security agencies throughout the EU, using “tip of the spear” technology which has been proven to be highly secured to hacking and other exterior electronic interferences.


Due to the large amount of costly equipment, vehicles and plant we procure for our projects in the African continent and the MENA region, we have developed key strategic partnerships with specialist electronic tracking and surveying specialist equipment manufacturers allowing us to offer a full bespoke equipment security tagging and tracking service, so you are fully in control, in real time, of all your assets deployed on the ground.

These measures can vary from being hard wired into a vehicles’ electronic harness, magnetically attached and bolted to shipping containers or discreetly worn by a person.

Our measures can allow you to track, scan, view, communicate, monitor personal vitals and even lock down and detain vehicles remotely.

We can also design and supply full bespoke monitoring station solution to monitor your tagged assets & personnel.


Many of our projects are carried out in extremely remote regions prone to huge areas with minimal or no viable GSM – VHF network communications.

MOKOMBOSO has secured strategic partnerships with specialist communications industry manufacturers who can circumvent these types of operational issues an provide proven communication solutions that remove communications black spots and work in the field over vast distances.

Our specialist team can also design and offer full bespoke communications package solutions that include fully secure, military grade encrypted systems.