For Equipment Procurement
Choose Mokomboso

Whether you are looking for full end-to-end procurement services or support with individual tasks, we can provide a tailored solution to meet your needs.

A Procurement Services Provider should be a trusted Partner and should be an extension of your current team. Our relationships with suppliers, equipment vendors, subcontractors and service providers allow us to offer the best overall procurement solution.

The use of procurement services providers is rapidly increasing due to global market conditions and the need for businesses to maintain and reduce costs. We will obtain material, equipment, and services with the highest level of quality and the best total cost through open and fair competition. Thorough integration of procurement activities in the overall program management, design, and construction processes allow for seamless delivery of equipment and materials at the specified time.

Open communication with Bidders/Contractors as well as the Engineering, Quality Assurance, and Construction team members ensures a consistent and efficient approach to procurement. The key is proactive planning, with a focus on long lead and critical items.

The experience and dedication of our procurement professionals gives your project an advantage. Our team has executed projects across a wide spectrum of size and complexity, providing our clients with the best opportunity for success.