Being prepared is the key to survival at times when a life is exposed to danger. MOKOMBOSO UK specialises in the design and development of effective, realistic tactical training modules to ensure the welfare of law enforcement officers in their daily operations.

Our goal is to create unique reality-based experiences, which allow students to accelerate their learning curve, helping them to master their decision-making skills and improve their life-saving skills, with basic information and techniques which can be easily remembered and accessed at critical moments.

As part of our commitment to the client in providing a unique training experience to the law enforcement community, our modules are comprised of both classroom instruction and practical field exercises that allow our students to take full advantage of the techniques learned and the operational experience from our teaching staff.


In this era of staff reductions, mass layoffs and global labor disputes, civil unrest has become more frequent. Spontaneous outbursts of dissatisfaction manifest themselves in a variety of forms, including illegal assemblies, strikes, pickets, civil disobedience, riots, arson, theft and looting.

If confronted correctly, such disturbances can be quickly dissolved. On the contrary, if the police unit lacks training and the correct notions of planning, they could respond with excessive force and initiate a violent situation.

The objective is to teach the less experienced agents how to confront and disperse the angry or rebellious crowds correctly, as part of a team, using the minimum necessary force, thus avoiding and reducing the possibilities of damage and violence. These modules will also serve to reinforce the tactics and techniques of the veteran agent with new equipment, practices and different methods of approach and control.


Counter-terror & counter-insurgency operations are a highly specialized skill that must only be carried out by a professional and well-motivated team, made up of elite individuals. All our training is based on the necessary requirements to counteract the growing threat that looms over the planet.

Due to the varied nature of the training, it is divided into several correlative modules. The students selected for this type of training must come from military or police units with a solid knowledge of the terrorist’s modus operandi.

All staff delivering these modules are either currently serving or veterans of specialized units.