A strategic partnership with industry leaders, Lahner Group, a specialist German ballistic protection researcher, developer and manufacturer, affords us the unique opportunity to assist in developing new and innovative effective products, by extensively testing them in the field under operational conditions, gather data and assist the R&D team to perfect what is already a superb piece of equipment.

The unique approach of this company towards innovation and effectiveness of products in combat conditions makes them the manufacturer of choice of many CT and SWAT specialist units around the globe, combining ultimate protection, within budget and with that unsurpassable German quality.


We tend to forget that the clothing we wear serves to protect our largest, most exposed organ, our skin, against damage and the elements. The clothing we propose here is specifically designed to endure the hardships of operational purposes and therefore must be of the highest quality and not just the cheapest possible, as it must suffer daily all kinds of ware and tear, wash hundreds of times and still be presentable as a uniform, which is the initial professional image we portray to all that see us.

To provide us with this complex “all round” solution for our Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) our staff, over the years, have carried out extensive research and done thorough testing of many different manufacturers and materials, in all types of arduous conditions, from the high peaks of Afghanistan, passing through the Equatorial African jungle, to the scorching heat of the North African deserts. Based on decades of operational experience and continuous testing and designing of new products we finally settled with a small selection of hand-picked companies to design, manufacture and procure all our PPE needs. These companies are veteran owned and so have the knowledge, experience, trustworthiness and discretion to deliver exactly what we need on time and within budget. They are the Tip of the Spear in their industries…