Press & NGO

We are able to design tailor-made courses to meet the needs of members of the press and staff of Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) deployed on information gathering & reporting or humanitarian operations, that take place in hostile areas, where the threat of an attack against prominent personnel is more than likely.

Designed primarily for those who plan to work or deploy in a country in conflict or where it has recently ceased, in areas where weapons, improvised explosive devices and mines are prevalent. The course is taught by former members of Special Forces units, EOD and paramedic personnel with extensive operational experience.

The courses can be designed to update and improve the previous training that students have already acquired by other organizations and increase the individuals capability to deal successfully with high-risk incidents and situations.

. Hostile Environment Awareness Training – HEAT
. Contractors On Deployed Operations – CONDO
. Improvised Explosive Device Awareness – IED
. Unexploded Ordinance Awareness – UXO
. Mine Awareness
. Kidnap Awareness
. Survival & Personal Security
. Escape & Evading Capture
. International Travel Security