A security guard (also known as a security inspector, security officer, or protective agent) is a person employed by a government or private party to protect the employing party’s assets (property, people, equipment, money, etc.) from a variety of hazards (such as waste, damaged property, unsafe worker behavior, criminal activity such as theft, etc.) by enforcing and supervising preventative measures.

The above description of security guard is what you get if you look on Wikipedia. In our experience a Security Officer is much, much more than just a pair of uniformed eyes paid to watch out for bad situations.

A security officer is a dynamic, intelligent, alert individual entrusted with the safety and security of major global events, corporations and individuals. The courses we offer enhance that individual’s knowledge, accredit him internationally and afford him the knowledge and skills sets required to be a better, more employable professional.


The training modules we offer have been written and updated regularly by members of highly experienced protection teams, based on their experiences during their daily routine.

Our faculty have decades of experience in global corporate protection operations, from the luxurious sophistication of executive business security in London or Tokyo to militarised operations in hostile areas such as those faced in Mali or Syria… students will receive theoretical and practical instruction in a variety of disciplines that are an essential requirement so that the protection specialist can perform his function competently and professionally, to the best of his ability, thus ensuring the safety of his client and carrying out his mission successfully.

Here at MOKOMBOSO UK we have always held in the highest esteem an ethical work code of “Honor, Loyalty and Brotherhood” among our operators, qualities that any individual who wants to work in this profession must at all times take into account in the performance of their duties .