MOKOMBOSO-UK has successfully signed a long-term agreement to support INECAP-GTC mining and logistics operations on the African continent.

MOKOMBOSO-UK Operations Officer A.M. met with INECAP-GTC President C.F.C. in Istanbul to finalise discussions and sign the agreement, which will launch in Q1 of 2024.

This agreement is for our African based offices to provide specialist asset protection, corporate protective services, logistical support, convoy escorts, CVIT security transportation both by land and air, in support of INECAP-GTC newly developing projects on the African continent.

Security services will be provided in support of local law enforcement units and integrating local security assets and Mokomboso strategic partners on the ground across multiple countries.

We look forward to this new challenge for our team of professionals…

We expect to employ up to 100 specialist security managers, armed asset protection officers, drone pilots, K9 handlers and medics to support our contractual commitments to this client.