MOKOMBOSO-UK provides specialist support services to various corporate & government interests in mining and critical infrastructure development projects in various regions throughout the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Some of these projects are very relevant, such as constructing key national infrastructures in the nation’s capital, Kinshasa, which means they will be highly publicised and in the public eye during all phases, from design through construction to final delivery.

Due to these exceptional circumstances, we had to find the ideal partner who could provide us with the appropriate diplomacy, finesse and guidance to navigate the corridors of power in the Capital and avoid any unnecessary encumbrances to the project’s security delivery.

At MOKOMBOSO UK, we only collaborate with the best, and to this effect, we would like to announce the appointment of BRAVO PROTECTION FORCE as our local security partner. A partner tasked to provide local intelligence, diplomatic skills, alliances and regional knowhow, specialist security personnel, local equipment procurement, transportation support and local logistic solutions to furnish MOKOMBOSO UK requirements within the regions of Kinshasa, Kongo Central, Kasai, Sankuru, Lualaba, Haut-Katanga, Sud Ubangi and Bas Uele.